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SEK 3 million will be awarded for efforts for the Baltic Sea – the nomination for Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris 2023 has closed!

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On September 26, the prize ceremony for Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris (i.e. Baltic Sea Prize) takes place at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm to reward valuable efforts for a healthier Baltic Sea. This year’s nomination period is now closed and the important work of selecting the winner of the prestigious prize and SEK 3 million begins.

Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris aims to create commitment to the Baltic Sea and contribute to its positive development for a healthier sea. With an annual prize sum of SEK 3 million, it is the most important prize awarded for valuable contributions to the Baltic Sea environment.

This year’s nomination period was open until May 15 and nominations have been received from all countries around the Baltic Sea. It is now the nomination committee’s task to select this year’s finalists.

– I’m glad to see that we have received such a wide range of nominations, both from Sweden and the surrounding countries. It proves even more that it is an extremely important prize, both for researchers and for the Baltic Sea. It will be very exciting to read through this year’s applications and present a few selected contributions to the board, says Christina Rudén, Professor Stockholm University and chairman of the nomination committee. 

When the nomination committee has selected its finalists, it is then the board of Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse (BalticSea2020) that appoints the winner who will be presented after the summer. The winner is then invited to the award ceremony held on September 26 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Professor Christina Rudén looks forward to the nomination committee’s work and continues:

– It will be very exciting to evaluate this year’s applications and present a few selected contributions to the board. We can already say that there are several very strong candidates who have made significant contributions to the environment of the Baltic Sea, which is very enjoyable.



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