The nomination process is free of charge. Institutions as well as individuals can nominate candidates.

Nominations for the 2023 prize are now closed. 

Nominations must include the following (1-5 pages):

  • Name of individual(s) you would like to nominate and which institution/organisation the individual works at.
  • A detailed justification for the nomination: Why should this person be awarded the Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris?
  • A description of the individual’s research or link to the Baltic Sea.
  • How can or has the person’s research or work affected the Baltic Sea environment?
  • Nominee’s contact details.

The selection process

Nominations are reviewed by a nomination committee. The nomination committee operates independently of the Foundation, thereby safeguarding its longevity, transparency, and independence. Four members are appointed based on a proposal from Stockholm University in consultation with other higher education institutions with relevant expertise, with the fifth member appointed by the Foundation’s board.

Members of the nomination committee work in relevant fields at universities and other institutions in Sweden and other countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Committee members are elected for a term of four years and are eligible for re-election for an additional 4-year period.

The nomination committee identifies potential nominees and also accepts proposals from the public. The nomination process is free of charge. Institutions as well as individuals can nominate candidates.

The nomination committee submits three nominees for the Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris to the Foundation’s board, which is responsible for selecting the prize winner. Nominations are confidential and nominees who are not selected as prize winners may be nominated again in subsequent years.

Winners of the Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris are announced in the early summer each year, with the prize being presented in September/October.

Please complete the form below or submit your nomination by post or by email to:

Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse,
Birger Jarlsgatan 55,
111 45 STOCKHOLM, Sweden